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Other original goods production

・ Stickers ・ Product labels

・ Can badge

・ Coogee

・ Key chains and other acrylic processed products

・ Rubber processed products such as coin cases and rubber bands

・ USB memory, ballpoint pen, and other stationery

・ Climbing ・ Banner ・ Backdrop ・ Banner ・ Tapestry

・ Panels and other signboard related products

・ Production of design data such as logos

We have many other novelties.

Please feel free to contact us!

We will produce whatever you envision!

Please feel free to contact us!

Contact us

I would like to improve the product lineup from time to time.


* ・ If special processing or special materials are required for design data production, a separate fee will be charged.
・ Although we strive to offer customers at a lower price, the price may fluctuate depending on the order details, purchase time, and situation.

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