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About Company

SHREDDED FLESH -​ シュレッディッド フレッシュ -

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〒815-0075 福岡市南区長丘3-1-1​ スリーベル・ラボ 2F

About Company


Shredded Flesh Productions

Domestic and foreign artists mainly focusing on death metal

We will release and support you.

Due to the widespread use of download sales, it has become difficult to sell actual CDs year by year.

This may also be a change and evolution of the times, but while listening to their sounds,

Grab a booklet and enjoy the artwork, lyrics, all of them ...

No matter how the times change, I still believe that this is the best.

At ONLINE STORE , in addition to our artists

We also handle wonderful band sound sources belonging to labels with which we interact.

Please check it out!

Shredded Flesh

We manufacture original goods from small lots to large lots!

Musicians, general companies, various groups,

It is used by everyone in the team.

General clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, towels, etc.

Stickers, key chains, etc ...
We design and manufacture all original goods at a bargain price.

Also, posters, flyers, business cards, shop cards,

We also produce, print, and process advertising materials such as pamphlets and free papers.

Make the production cost cheap and high quality as much as possible,

I want you to reduce the burden on the band and make use of it in your music activities.
I would like to support musicians in such a way as well.

Support goods for companies that were forced to take a leave of absence due to the influence of the coronavirus in 2020,

We also helped with the production of crowdfunding rewards.

It can be a trivial matter. If you can help your company or customers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide solid support from careful meetings to consultations and suggestions until the very end. We will do our best to meet your needs!
The unit price will change depending on the size and number of lots, so we will respond to quotations and inquiries at any time.
Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry.

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