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We are brutal death metal band Valley of The Headless

from South Korea.

Vocals: Sergio

Guitar: Gun Woong Lee

Guitar: Hansu Lim

Bass and Vocals: Yong Geun Ko

Drums: Jong Ho Park

Five men with one goal in mind: to play the most disgusting, vile-sounding, face-melting brutal death metal. Guitarists Gun Woong Lee, Hansu Lim pummel your eardrums with sexy, nasty guitar riffs. Crushing your skull in half with his bass Blasting away at the kit, Jong Ho Park evokes a storm of double bass and blast beats. Filthy gutturals and brutal growls are being handled by vocalist Sergio.

We derive our name from Nahanni National Park in Canada, better known as “The Valley of Headless Men”. It is said that the area has been long home to strange phenomena, such as UFO's, mythical creatures, and horrific murders. been discovered in the area for many years, but one thing unites them all: they were all discovered without a head. Without a motive, reason, or purpose as to why the killings occurred, Valley of The Headless aims to always be lurking in the shadows, decapitating our listeners with slams, blast beats, and gutturals. We are Valley of The Headless.

We have become death ... the destroyer of worlds…

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